Perhaps you've heard our name.

Probably someone from the direct selling industry has recommended us. It's quite possible, because after all we've been thinking, planning, calculating, creating concepts, writing, and designing for multichannel, direct and social selling companies here and abroad for 20 years. We're not shy to say it: With our expertise and staff, we offer you something unique.


Welcome to CORUM!


Corporate Consulting

Whether you are just about to launch your company or looking to improve your existing strategy, whether you are a newcomer to direct sales or among the established masters in the US or Europe:

CORUM will help you achieve your goals. It is our business is to find the shortest, most effective route to get you there.

  • We analyze your market environment.
  • We get to the heart of your brand strategy.
  • We develop a compensation plan for you or optimize your existing one.
  • And of course, we can always help you with marketing and sales planning. 


Direct selling companies, in particular, need clear, on-trend, high-impact branding in order to achieve sustainable success in their respective market segments.

This applies to product representation as well as to all internal and external communications. 

In order to guarantee you the best results, CORUM Communication works only with professionals who have proven themselves through many years of creative work in integrated, multichannel communication for international brands. With our full range of services, including corporate design, product catalogs, recruiting tools and compensation plans as well as in-house magazines, newsletters, incentives, conferences and finally websites and a social network presence, we ensure that your company's public image conforms to a cohesive and carefully planned campaign.

In direct sales, a multifunctional approach is best.

Catalogs, brochures, and fliers serve as conversation starters and guidelines for your field partners, but they should also reach the customer at an emotional level, stimulate desire and forge brand loyalty. The end effect is that they create a unique image for your company and your partners, an image that is so smart and “sexy” that you'll be more than eager to share them with your customers.

That's why, when it comes to communicating your product to the public, design quality, trend certainty, unique brand tonality, and high-quality implementation are just as important to you as they are to your competitors in classic retail. At CORUM we provide full service, including printing.

The heart of direct selling is the compensation plan.

It has to be the right fit for your company, which means that it must have a financially viable structure that works well in the current competitive environment. At the same time, it should be understandable and clear enough for presentation. Let us do this job for you. We're experienced professionals in this specialized area. As part of your compensation plan, we deliver the associated set of agreements incl. rules and regulations for your sales partners, if need be with the help of a lawyer who specializes in this area.

Providing products and attracting sales partners is only half the battle.

The system only really begins to function when your partners are committed to sales and recruiting at the same high level. To help you achieve this goal, we provide you with training tools, acquisition materials, and all types of ideas for incentives. Whether with online manuals, event concepts, business presentations, or job advertisements, we put together the right set of tools and implement them.

Nothing beats an in-house magazine as a channel for recognizing, motivating and providing information to your networkers.

Does it sound like too much work? Well, not for us. We've got plenty of experience in setting up external publication departments. But how can it benefit you? How does it work? You just need to provide us with the key points of the topics you'd like to present about your company. Then, for a fixed price, you will receive a magazine that appears at regular intervals in print, as an email newsletter, or as a download.

Direct sales has become an increasingly attractive way to sell, with home parties, social networking and e-commerce.

“Social selling” is no longer something new; it is a business model that is part of a modern and dynamic sales system. Our job is to bring your offline and online channels together into one integrated campaign, one where your social network presence and your branding form a seamless image. For this purpose, we develop customized social networking policies―including practical, legal and ethical guidelines―for your employees and your independent sales partners.
That way you can expect exciting results from Facebook and other social media outlets!

You've got the perfect sales material, the right catalogs, the right website, the right packaging, but there's one catch: it's all in English.

Well, don't worry. We know just what to do. We've got lots of experience in bringing outside products onto the German market. It's not just a matter of translating the texts, but of adapting the tonality, images and content so that they fit the market and your target group precisely. If necessary, we can also arrange to have a lawyer who specializes in this area edit your material. The target market in Germany won't just read it, they'll get your message!




Eva Moll, M.A., owner and executive director of CORUM, Ges. für Marketing and Public Relations mbH, gained her extensive industry experience as a marketing executive at international direct selling/party plan companies (cosmetics & toiletries, jewelry).


Analysis, concept, text, design, etc. ― we employ proven professionals and specialists in each phase of our operating business. We love our work because we do it well, and our customers notice!

Direct sales is a people business. 

So let's talk.

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